a R t I s T  . Filmmaker . Actress . Screenwriter . 

Born and raised in Mexico City, Lizet was surrounded and greatly influenced by a community of artists actors screenwriters and filmmakers; including her mother Shirley Chernitsky, Jose Luis Cuevas, Alejandro G. Iñarritu, Guillermo Arriaga and Luis Mandoki, who she worked with on his film Motel.


Lizet became an actress, graduated from UCSD with a BA in Visual Arts and later became a successful international artist whose artwork has been exhibited and sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico; in Western and Eastern Europe; in Japan and several countries in Asia. She has won several art prizes and has successfully participated in various international auctions.


Lizet has directed and produced several short films, among which stand surrealist artist Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) and Gabriel Weisz Carrington, titled Leonora and Gabriel-an instant; El estallido de la imaginacion, about the work of her artist mother Shirley Chernitsky who had a strong influence in her artistic life; and directed and acted in her own short film Whispers in the Mirror.

 She has directed, written and acted in short films produced by Tree of Gold Films; in art videos that have been shown in several countries as part of the International Art Exhibitions, like the Human Emotion Project, Time is Love and The Grown Man Project. Her short films have participated in Film Festivals, Art Museums and Art Galleries in different countries.

Lizet continued with her acting career, in film, theater, and television. More recently, she acted in Carving a life and Pine Hills by Terry Ross, as the lead in The Magicians, by Lisa Franek; in Tea in a Thunder Cup, by Alison Williams. She has also performed in several other short films and art videos including Secret Place, by Michael Douglas Hawk, In defense of Rodin, by Larry Caveney which have been shown world wide, and in El estallido de la Imaginacion by Lucy Orozco.

Lizet has been writing Screenplays for Short Films with Alessandra Solari, Thom Michael Mulligan, Javier Augusto Nunez and other writers. She wrote a Screenplay for a Feature Film with Director Luis Mandoki.

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